Simply Written [Beta]

About Simply Written?

Why Make Simply Written?

Simply Written was developed to allow authors to create high quality digital books. We have witnessed many instances where digital books were provided in a format that simply didn’t work. After some digging, we realised that it was due to the way in which books are converted from one format to another… it gets messy quickly.

How Did We Solve This?

Simply Written has been designed with these issues in mind, and has taken steps to avoid making the same mistakes. Rather than writing a book for a single format, you write it for no format. You write the content and then Simply Written stores it and will convert it into digital books for you using the most popular digital formats: ePub, mobi, and PDF.

This means that when you create a book with Simply Written the book you get is optimised for that format, not merely converted from one format to another. Each book is as high quality as it can be, automatically tailored to best fit the medium in which you want it delivered.

You are in Control

We also wanted authors to be able to be in control of their own work. From the first-time author that wants to break into print, to the veteran that is sick of the cut other publishing houses take from the sale of their product, any author can appreciate having more control over their material. Simply Written doesn’t take anything from the sale of your books.

This control comes with responsibility on the author’s part, however. You are in charge of distributing your books. There are many guides out there that talk about self-publishing, and we even give some advice on this site, but ultimately the success of your book depends on you. We will give you a high quality digital product, and you can sell it.

Benefits of Simply Written

This may seem daunting at first, but there are many benefits to taking control of your own books. The first is that the files you make here with Simply Written have no DRM built in that can cause readers to have problems with accessing your books. Secondly, there’s no middleman to take a cut of the profits. Even better, Simply Written puts no claim on your work. It remains totally yours.

But the good things don’t stop there. Simply Written makes it easy for authors to write, no matter where they are. Your work is done online, which means anywhere with an internet connection becomes your studio. It also means that your work is saved on the cloud and backed up by our servers. No more worrying that your life’s work will be gone if your computer crashes.

How do I Get Started?

All you need to do is register an email with us, create a password, fill out a little demographic info that will be included on your books when they’re created, and you can start writing immediately. We encrypt all passwords automatically, and we never see them, so you can rest assured that your life’s work is safe with our service.

Just click on the “register” button in the menu above, and try us out. We promise you won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget that if you get stuck or have other questions, there’s an FAQ to answer common problems, and an archive of helpful articles to get you going in the right direction. Welcome to the future of writing.